Thursday, January 18, 2018

Suppressive Fire follow-up

After a little bit of talking, I've thrown together a couple of changes for my previously proposed rules to make things a little bit easier and faster to run! The basic changes:

  1. Characters are hit with a 1 on their Spirit die, rather than a total of 1 or less. This means that being under suppression is bad no matter what amount of cover you have—the cover just allows you a higher chance of keeping your cool and being able to act. Don't forget that cover provides an Armor bonus to attacks that hit through the cover!
  2. I've streamlined the "maintaining suppression" process: characters now make a single Spirit roll if they are under or enter the suppressed template. They must make this roll before taking any actions and only benefit from the lowest cover bonus they intend to use on their turn—effectively, any character that leaves cover at all while in the suppressed zone gets no bonus.
The full text is included below, and I'll leave the previous post in place for those who want to try using them.

Suppressive Fire
This house rule is meant to replace the underwhelming Suppressive Fire mechanic from Savage Worlds Deluxe, implementing some of the new conditions from Savage Worlds Black without causing it to be too overly complicated.

The attacker places a Medium Burst Template on the battlefield and makes a single Shooting roll, including standard modifiers for range, the full-auto penalty, and any other miscellaneous factors (but ignoring the target’s modifiers for being prone or in cover). This uses 5 times the weapon’s Rate of Fire in bullets (so a RoF 3 machine gun uses 15 bullets) If the roll fails, it deviates as usual for a launched projectile.

Targets caught in the area must make a Spirit roll, adding the Cover penalty they would receive against the attack as a bonus to the roll (with a –2 penalty if the attacker scored a raise on his Shooting roll). Victims that roll a 1 on their Spirit die (regardless of Wild Die) are hit and suffer normal damage. Characters that fail are Distracted until the end of their next Turn and are Shaken, while success only causes Distraction. A character that scores a raise on their roll is completely unaffected! Receiving a Shaken result while already Shaken does not cause a wound, as the result is from psychological factors.

►Maintaining Suppression: If the attacker doesn’t take any other actions (including movement) in the round they begin this maneuver, he may maintain his suppressive fire, leaving the template in place until his next turn. This immediately ends if the shooter is Shaken, forced to move, or is otherwise interrupted.

Characters entering or starting their turn within the template must make their Spirit roll as above (–2 if the shooter got a raise), only using the lowest Cover bonus they intend to use to during their Turn (so a character planning to run through open ground gets no bonus). This roll must be made before a character takes any Actions. Characters do not need to roll multiple times on their Turn if they already rolled with an equal or lower penalty.

Good luck out there, Savages!

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