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Barry Allen—The Flash

So, thanks to a challenge Ron Blessing (over at the Savage Bloggers Network), instead of finishing and posting Katniss, or Captain Jack Sparrow, or Indiana Jones, we're just going to give you another superhero. Don't worry, I'll be bringing in more normal folks as we move forwards, I just want to take the time to make sure they're done right.

Some of you might ask why I'm not posting Barry over at Savage DCEU, given that he's a DC character. Unfortunately, it's the same reason that I posted Deadpool over here, even though he's a Marvel character: continuity. Deadpool's movie rights are at Fox and he doesn't exist within the MCU, and this iteration of Barry Allen (while still owned by DC) is only canon to the CW "Arrow-verse," which is where Oliver Queen and those smaller level heroes reside. I'll be sure to give Barry his own (likely more bullshitty) stats on Savage DCEU when we actually see him do something in the movies.

This is only up through Season 1, since I haven't actually caught up to Season 2 yet.

Name: Bartholomew Henry Allen
Race: Human
Experience: 52 (Veteran)
Power Level: Cosmic with Super Karma and Rising Stars (75 PP)
Agility d12; Smarts d10; Spirit d8; Strength d6; Vigor d12
Pace 6; Parry 6; Charisma 2; Toughness 10 (2)
Hindrances: Code of Honor, Heroic, Loyal, Stubborn
Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Alertness, Attractive, Quick, Jack-of-All-Trades, Connections—CCPD, Elan, Level Headed
Skills: Climbing d4, Fighting d8, Investigation d6, Knowledge (Chemistry) d8, Knowledge (Physics) d6, Notice d6, Persuasion d4, Shooting d4, Stealth d6, Streetwise d4, Throwing d4.
Inventory: CommLink, Costume.
Super Powers:
  • Armor +2 (2): Hardy, Partial Protection (–1), Device (–1, suit).
  • Extra Actions (17): 5 extra actions, Fast Action.
  • Leaping (2): Level 2, Bounce, Contingent (–1, speed).
  • Regeneration (5): Level 2, Recovery. Roll to heal every hour.
  • Resistance (1): Cold, Fire/Heat. +4 to resist, +4 Toughness. Device (–1, suit).
  • Speed (23): Mach 2+, –8 to Hit, Blinding Reflexes, Catch and Throw, Pummel, Surface Tension, Whirlwind.
  • Super Attributes (14): Agility +3, Strength +1, Vigor +3
  • Super Edge (4): Extraction, Quick.
Attacks (Switchable)
  • Supersonic Punch (7): Damage Str+3d6, AP 4, Contingent (–1, speed), Limitation (–2, no Extra Actions). Switchable (primary).
  • Attack, Melee (5): Damage Str+2d6, Multiple Attacks, Contingent (–1, speed).
Barry Allen had been running his entire life. He loved to race, and he also had to get away from the bullies at his school. However, after his mother was murdered by a mysterious yellow streak, and his father was blamed for the murder, Barry was taken in by close family friends Joe and Iris. Barry would continue trying to run to see his father in Iron Heights prison.

Years later, Barry was working as a forensic scientist for the Central City police department when the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator shorted out, and Barry was struck by a bolt of dark matter lightning and doused in a variety of unknown chemicals. He fell into a coma for 9 months.

After waking up, Barry found that he had incredible speed, as time seemed to slow down for him. Over the following weeks, he learned to control and pace his powers, as well as increase his speed (from an initial 240 mph to his current Mach 3) and his combat prowess. He was also given a suit by his new friends that ignored the friction he generated at such high speeds, as well as providing a small amount of protection.

Barry began to use these new abilities to both stop criminals in their tracks as well as to augment his day-to-day life and gather evidence for the crime lab. His S.T.A.R. Labs friends Cisco, Caitlin, and Harrison Wells assisted him in these endeavors, granting him ideas and tactical advice that he could use to bring down criminals like Captain Cold and Heat Wave.

It turns out, however, that Wells had a secret: he was the Reverse Flash, the yellow streak that was capable of keeping up with Barry, and was using Barry's connection to the Speed Force to recharge his own powers and let him return to the future. Barry was able to stop him, but the process created a wormhole above the city that Barry was last seen rushing to stop.

Power Stunts:
  • Energy Control (3): Fire/Heat. Area Effect (LBT). Limitation (–2, Nullify only). Barry is able to spin his arms so quickly that he can put out fires at will.
  • Intangibility (5): Barry is able to run so fast, his molecules are able to vibrate apart and allow him to pass through solid objects. This has only been used once, but may become part of his Power Set later on down the line (as the Vibrate modifier on speed).
  • Time Travel (10): By spending a Benny (in addition to the Benny he has to spend for the Power Stunt), and making a successful Spirit roll at –2, Barry can pop forwards or back to any point in time. This is a power not normally allowed for normal characters, but it is present in an NPC named Fugue in the Super Powers Companion 2nd edition Villains Supplement, on page 15.
And that's all that I have for him right now. I'll probably catch up to the show later on and add in some more levels, but I've really gotta try and focus on the above-mentioned characters. Leave questions and comments and nerd rage below, as always.

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