Monday, December 28, 2015

Savage DCEU—Yes, I'm doing this too

Yes, it's been a long time since I've posted something here. Yes, I'm spending too much time making superheroes. Yes, I am working on more characters for this Savage Everything blog. No, they are not ready yet.

I am, again, putting forward a new dump for Savaged supers, but in this particular case, I'm trying to put my foot in the door to this new Cinematic Universe before it takes off (something I dearly wish I had done back when the MCU had first started). For now, all we really have to work with is Man of Steel, meaning Superman, Zod, Lois Lane, and maybe some other extras across the movie, but once Batman v Superman lands, DC is going to start getting some really good representation on my Savaging blogs.

You can find the blog here, and I hope that this universe takes off. Gives me more material to work with.

For the record, yes, I am working on more characters. We have Katniss, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Indiana Jones himself in the works for you guys, and you'll be seeing them drop in here as soon as they've been completed to a reasonable degree (they all have multiple movies, so it takes a fair amount of time to actually get them figured out). Stay tuned!

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