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Clint Barton—Hawkeye

Of all the Avengers, Hawkeye was probably the one I struggled the most with trying to bring into the Savage Worlds system, mostly due to the way that his arrows were built, and a lack of knowledge and understanding as to his arrows and equipment. After nearly a year, I've finally recreated Hawkeye in a way that is extremely satisfying for me personally, located over at Savage MCU.

As usual, however, I'm leaving this post up, mostly so people that are unfamiliar with the character get to see not one, but two other extremely different takes on the famous archer.


Now the super hero that not quite so many people like. Kind of a Legolas wannabe...

Anyways, let's get started.
No spoilers, Age of Ultron made Hawkeye f*cking awesome. I've altered his stats very lightly to fit the most recent movie and I'm going to actually flesh out his write-up.

Edit: I've made one final edit to Hawkeye's character (last one before Civil War, at least). This brings him back to a Street Fighter hero and solidifies his specialty arrows (and he gets a net arrow, which is rather iconic for the character). This includes a couple updated Edges as well.

Name: Clint Barton
Race: Human
Experience: 80 (Legendary)
Agility d10; Smarts d8; Spirit d8; Strength d8; Vigor d6
Pace 6; Parry 7; Charisma 0; Toughness 5
Hindrances: Bad Luck, Heroic, Vow (m—S.H.I.E.L.D.)
Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Ambidextrous, The Best There Is (attack, ranged), Combat Archer, Marksman, Quick Draw, Improved Rapid Shot, Steady Hands, Improved Dodge, Improved Trademark Weapon (Bow), Level Headed, Ace, Common Bond.
Skills: Climbing d6, Driving d4, Fighting d10, Notice d8, Piloting d6, Shooting d12+2, Stealth d4, Taunt d8, Throwing d10
Inventory: Composite Bow (2d6+1), Custom Quiver, Knife (Str+d4), Commlink, Teflon Arrows ×20.
Super Powers:
  • Explosive Arrow (15): Range 12/24/48, Damage 4d6, RoF 1, Focus, LBT, Heavy Weapon, Lethal. Device (–2, Arrows). Switchable (Primary with burst arrow, ensnareinterface, malfunction, and stun as a set, and decay).
  • Burst Arrow (3): Range 12/24/48 or Cone, Damage 3d6, RoF 1, Small Burst, Lethal. Device (–2, Arrows), Limitation (–1, Small Burst).
  • Decay (11): Rapid Decay ×4, Strong, Device (–2, Arrow). (Melting Arrow.)
  • Ensnare (1): Device (–2, Arrow)
  • Heightened Senses (1): Eagle Eye.
  • Interface (1): Contingent on malfunction.
  • Malfunction (1): Device (–2, Arrow). (Hacking arrow.)
  • Stun (4): MBT, Strong, Projectile. Device (–2, arrow). (Shock or pulse arrow.)
  • Super Edge (8): Combat Archer, Marksman, Quick Draw, Rapid Shot.
  • Super Skill (6): Notice +1, Shooting +3, Throwing +2.
  • Swinging (1): Device (–2, arrow). (Hook arrow.)
Clint Barton is a Street Fighter that has been working with SHIELD for years. While he has no powers per se, he is an expert marksman and has a variety of very finely crafted specialty arrows. Barton is also an accomplished pilot and helps to function as a guard at highly sensitive SHIELD facilities. Barton's skill with the arrow is dependent on his custom quiver and bow; without both of these, he is not as fast or able to fire as accurately.

While he is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, Black Widow was able to overtake him pretty quickly just prior to the invasion of New York. He had, at one point, beaten Romanoff (Black Widow) into submission (his mission was to kill a Russian agent), but spared her life. They are now very close friends and have been on dozens of missions together.

Combat Archer and Improved Rapid Shot are custom Edges specifically designed for archers. Combat Archer negates the –1 Parry penalty for bows and allows Shooting attacks against adjacent opponents (vs their Parry), and allows Shooting for First Strike and other free attacks. Rapid Shot allows for Rapid Attacks with a bow, but shooting more than 3 shots halves the shooter's range; Improved means he is only at a –2 to Shooting and –1 to Parry when Rapid Attacking.

Age of Ultron Spoilers
Barton also has a wife and two (now three) children living on a farm, He is a family man and works to protect them above all else. He is also shown to be an expert throw (darts, in particular) and utilizing his stun arrows (which have not shown up until now).
End of Age of Ultron Spoilers

Anyways, there's our two balls-to-the-wall SHIELD agents. Leave questions, comments, and Hawkeye love down below.

Edit: The original Pulp Hero (with Super Karma) stats, for those that still want to use them.

Name: Clint Barton
Race: Human
Experience: 70 (Legendary)
Agility d10; Smarts d8; Spirit d8; Strength d6; Vigor d6
Pace 6; Parry 7; Charisma 0; Toughness 5
Hindrances: Bad Luck, Heroic, Stubborn, Vow (m—S.H.I.E.L.D.)
Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Ambidextrous, Ultimate Power (attack, ranged), Steady Hands, Trademark Weapon (Bow), Marksman, Improved Dodge, Level Headed, Ace, Quick Draw.
Skills: Climbing d4, Driving d4, Fighting d10, Notice d10, Piloting d6, Repair d4, Shooting d12+2, Stealth d4, Taunt d6, Throwing d10
Inventory: Custom Bow, Custom Quiver, Knife (Str+d4), Commlink.
Super Powers:
  • Attack, Melee (1): Str+d6. Device (–2, bow).
  • Breach Arrow (13): Range 12/24/48, Damage 4d6, RoF 1, Focus, MBT, Heavy Weapon, Lethal. Device (–2, arrow). Switchable (Primary with teflon arrowsinterface, malfunction, explosive arrows, and swinging as a set and melting arrow and stun as a set). (Breach arrow)
  • Explosive Arrows (3): Range 12/24/48, Damage 3d6, RoF 1, Medium Burst, Lethal. Device (–2, arrow). (Explosive arrows.)
  • Teflon Arrows (6): Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6, AP 2, RoF 2, Lethal. Device (–2, arrow). (Teflon arrows.)
  • Melting Arrow (5): Range 12/24/48, Damage 3d6, RoF 1, Focus, Heavy Weapon, Lethal. Device (–2, arrow). (Melting arrow.)
  • Interface (1): Contingent on malfunction.
  • Malfunction (1): Contingent on successful ranged attack. (Hacking arrow).
  • Stun (4): MBT, Strong, Projectile. Device (–2, arrow). (Shock arrow.)
  • Super Attribute (2): Agility +1.
  • Super Skill (6): Notice +1, Shooting +3, Throwing +2.
  • Swinging (1): Device (–2, arrow). (Hook arrow.)
Ultimate Power allows for 2/3 of a hero's PP to be placed into a single power.

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