Monday, September 1, 2014

Mega Man — Blue Bomber

Today, we have DLN-001! Continuing the evident trend of making Smash Bros. characters, we'll throw together classic Mega Man using the Super Powers Companion.

Name: Rock
Race: Android
Experience: 80 (Legendary)
Agility d8; Smarts d6; Spirit d8; Strength d10; Vigor d8
Pace 6; Parry 5; Charisma 0; Toughness 11 (6)
Hindrances: Overconfident, Small, Pacifist (m), Loyal

Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), The Best There Is (Copycat), Brave, Dodge, Combat Reflexes, Steady Hands, Elan, Marksman, Extraction, Nerves of Steel, Rock and Roll!

Skills: Climbing d4, Driving d6, Fighting d8, Notice d6, Piloting d6, Shooting d10, Stealth d6, Throwing d6
Super Powers:
  • Armor (2): Armor +6. Requires Activation.
  • Attack, Ranged (9): Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6, RoF 3, AP 2, Heavy Weapon. Contingent on armor. (Mega Buster.)
  • Attack, Ranged (12): Range 12/24/48, Damage 3d10, AP 8, Enhanced Damage, Heavy Weapon. Switchable (Primary with Mega Buster). Contingent on armor. (Charge Shot.)
  • Construct (8): +2 to recover from being Shaken; doesn't breathe; immune to disease and poison; ignores one level of wound penalties.
  • Copycat (28): Level 22. Devices, Duration, Versatility (+2). Limitation (–1, defeat Robot Masters).
  • Leaping (1): Can leap 2" vertically and 4" horizontally. (Booster Jets.)
  • Teleport (4): Traverse. Limitation (–2, Traverse only).
Otherwise known as Rock, Mega Man is an android invented by Doctor Light. With a heart of gold, Mega Man is the first to jump into action whenever Wily puts one of his schemes of world domination into play (Overconfident, Brave, Elan). He comes out as a Four-Color Super Karma hero for a total of 55 Power Points.

One of Mega Man's most frightening abilities is his Weapon Copy System, which allows him to store the special attacks of Robot Masters and use them himself! Although this requires him to defeat the Master, he has acquired a wide variety of moves, including flaming swords, incredible strength, and even shields.

His primary weapon, however, is his Mega Buster, which fires rapid bursts of powerful solar pellets at his enemies. He also has the ability to teleport long distances, though this uses a lot of power and takes a few moments of concentration. 

Mega Man's intense Strength comes from the fact that he throws a wide variety of his weapons, as well as the powerful Mega Uppercut and his slide attack. He is a good shot, both standing and charging (Marksman, Steady Hands, Rock and Roll!), and is a highly agile and determined fighter (Dodge, Combat Reflexes, Nerves of Steel, Extraction).

So there's Mega Man! Leave questions, comments, etc below, as per usual.

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