Wednesday, September 10, 2014

James Howlett — Wolverine [OUDATED]

UPDATE: I'll leave this lying around for a little while longer just for posterity, but I really don't like how it turned out. Should be gone within the month.

Coming in with the movie rights still owned by Fox, we have Wolverine! This uses rules from the new Super Powers Companion.

Sorry this post took so long, I had a lot of stuff come up recently. I'm still Savaging as strong as ever, though!

Name: James Howlett
Race: Human
Experience: 260 (Legendary)
Agility d10; Smarts d8; Spirit d8; Strength d12+3; Vigor d12
Pace 6; Parry 9; Charisma –2; Toughness 13
Hindrances: Can't Swim, Outsider, Overconfident, Vengeful (M)
Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Brave, Berserk, Quick, Improved Hard to Kill, Combat Reflexes, Nerves of Steel, Frenzy, Martial Artist, Marksman, Command, Woodsman, Two-Fisted, Killer Instinct, Sweep, Counterattack, Block
Skills: Climbing d8, Driving d8, Fighting d12, Healing d6, Intimidation d8, Knowledge (Battle) d8, Notice d8, Piloting d6, Repair d8, Shooting d8, Stealth d8, Survival d8, Throwing d6, Tracking d8
Super Powers:
  • Ageless (1): Wolverine regenerates as fast as he ages, and therefore does not age.
  • Attack, Melee (9): Damage Str+3d6, AP 4, Heavy Weapon, Lethal, Multiple Attacks. Limitation (–1, Straight Wrists to Activate). (Bone Claws.)
  • Heightened Senses (4): Eagle Eyes, Low Light Vision, Super Hearing, Tracking.
  • Immune to Disease (1): Wolverine's extreme regeneration does not let him get sick.
  • Mind Reading (1): Limitation (–2, only works on animals, no Raise effect).
  • Regeneration (12): Level 5, Regrowth.
  • Resistance (2): Cold, Psionics.
  • Speed (2): Pace 12.
  • Super Attribute (14): Agility +1, Strength +4, Vigor +2.
  • Super Edge (4): Hard to Kill, Improved Hard to Kill
  • Toughness +5 (5): Adamantium Skeleton.
James, also known as "Logan" or "Wolverine," is a 4-Color Hero with Super Karma, sitting at a total of 55 Power Points, and begins with Quick, Brave, and Berserk. He was given the Arcane Background (Super Powers) Edge for free, due to the nature of his setting.

Wolverine has been around for a couple hundred years, and has been involved in almost every major conflict since the Civil War. He's a good shot and a brilliant fighter. As a mutant, he is able to quickly regenerate wounds that would leave most men bleeding out, and his infamous bone claws are some of the sharpest weapons on the planet. He also has an unnatural resistance to the elements, and can communicate with animals on the most basic level.

In addition to his natural powers, his skeleton was also infused with an indestructible metal called "Adamantium," making his bones unbreakable. Due to the heavy strain this puts on his body, his natural strength is significantly higher than that of even the most powerful humans.

He has spent vast amounts of time in the wilderness, and has learned to very effectively live off the land. The only custom Hindrance here is "Cannot Swim;" Wolverine's dense skeletal structure means that he couldn't swim if he tried.

There we go: Wolverine! Comments, questions, etc. below, as always!
— DoctorBoson

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